Demolition, the right way, the first time.

Many tradespeople offer demolition as a service that they provide, however do so unlawfully. Demolition, though it may seem opposite, is an intricate process, requiring much paper work with council, negotiation regarding salvaging, and specialized equipment and skilled labour in order to meet legal requirements.

When looking for demolition contractors, whether to leave the block clean for commercial development, for rebuilding a house, or for removing a damaged property, it is important to engage demolition contractors that:

  • Are licenced
  • Will handle the paperwork with the council
  • Follow the necessary procedures
  • Provide free quotes and recommendations
  • Leave the block clean and ready for future use

At JAL, we’ve been doing all of the above for years.

If you’ve got a property to be demolished…

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What We Do

We provide full demolition services, including the appropriate handling, removal and disposal of asbestos-positive materials. From the current state of the building to the clean block, we do it all.

The team at JAL will handle all of the paperwork required when clearing the job with council, as well as providing the required clearance ticket – indicating that asbestos has been removed, waste transport certificates, council approvals etc.

How It Works

  1. Get in contact with the demolition contractors at JAL on (07) 4927 0616 with any questions or enquiries related to the demolition of your property.
  2. Our team will organise a site inspection with you and will provide recommendations and quotes for you at no cost.
  3. Once the quote is confirmed, JAL will begin the paperwork process and be ready to begin demolishing your property within 1-3 weeks.
  4. The JAL team will leave your block clean, ready for further use, and can organise fill if you require it. We also will provide you with a clearance ticket – indicating the removal of asbestos, waste transport certificates, council approvals etc.

Get it demolished the right way.

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