Asbestos Seminars

Asbestos Seminars

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At JAL, we deal with asbestos everyday, through testing, removal, transportation and disposal, and as licensed practitioners, understand the inherent dangers involved with the handling of asbestos products, and the construction around asbestos-positive properties.

Research has come out in the last few years, outlining the gap between the awareness that asbestos is dangerous, the willingness to knowingly or unknowingly work in potentially asbestos-positive environments, and the training that would allow certain individuals and groups to do so.

Unfortunately, many people are hurt everyday by inhaling asbestos, and the injuries and unfortunately common death that results directly from contact with asbestos can be avoided when correct information is provided about the nature of asbestos and it’s associated dangers.

In direct response to this, JAL hold hour-long asbestos courses that educate homeowners, builders, renovators, real-estate agents, landlords and whoever else may be interested on asbestos related topics.

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Topics We Cover

The asbestos courses we run are held in central locations in the Rockhampton area, so that it is as accessible as possible for a wide number of people to attend and hopefully benefit from the material. Ultimately, any topic we cover has the aim of helping people better manage asbestos, even if that means knowing when to refer it on to the experts. Topics we regularly cover are:

  • What is asbestos?
  • How to handle asbestos
  • How to identify asbestos
  • Asbestos and health
  • Legislation around asbestos
  • How to choose an asbestos-service provider

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  3. Invite your friends, family, colleagues, landlord, anyone who you think would benefit from the seminar.
  4. Regularly stay posted for future asbestos courses, check our blog for further information, and stay informed.
  5. If you’re unsure about the presence of asbestos on your property, call the experts at JAL for a free onsite inspection, recommendation and quote.

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