Demolition Checklist


When doing any demolition work, one must consider the following;

  • Do Not try to do it yourself

You may be thinking it might be simpler and cheaper to “just do it yourself” but realistically it isn’t. Demolishing a house is far more complicated and in depth than you may think. Only an experienced demolition team will know what to keep and what to demolish, as well as the safest way to go about it.

  • Let your neighbours know

Letting your neighbours know that you will soon be demolishing will go a long way. With and demolition project this is highly recommended as there will be a substantial amount of noise and possibly mess. Explain the situation to them and ask for their understanding and patience.

  • Permits are important

This is something that we as your chosen demolition company will handle. Before anything can progress we have to go through all the proper channels. we need permits from the council as well as getting the water, sewerage and power disconnected in order to work safely.

  • Asbestos procedures are vital and not to be ignored

These procedures are undoubtedly the most important step. If they are not followed your project will get shut down quicker than you can say “throw another shrimp on the barbie”. Before starting the demolition we recommend that you get the house tested for asbestos. Here at JAL we can handle all your asbestos testing needs. For $88 a sample and in 2 days we will be able to tell you if your sample is positive or not. Then we can proceed with the project correctly and safely.

  • You can not live in the house during demolition

It is recommended that for the duration of your project that you relocate. Even it it is only a small project it is preferable that there is no one but trained professionals on site. This is for yor own safety as well as ours. During a demolition project there is loose debris and dust that may cause harm to you and your family.

  • More is sometimes better

Once the project has started and your house has parts partially removed and exposed, it will look worse then it is. In some cases it is appropriate to remove more than planned Also in cases when asbestos is present, it is better to get it all.

  • Demolition can be costly

When starting a project we will give you a quote on the expected pricing. However if unforeseen complications arise we have to work to correct these. If asbestos removal is need this will also raise the cost. Here at JAL we provide maximum protection and experience and expert support.

  • Hire Us

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