Asbestos: From Magic Mineral to Silent Killer

Asbestos is/was one of the deadliest minerals use by man. However it was not always regarded as dangerous as it is today.

Part 1: The “Magic Mineral” & Its Uses

Years ago this “Magic Mineral” was used in just about everything. It is; fireproof, rot-proof, a near indestructible element.

The following video shows how they used the product. Also seen is the level of exposure the workers had to the mineral.

This picture shows how they would market the mineral to farmers.

This “wonderful” product was highly used and marketed for its fireproof properties. This lead to its use in homes around the world; the walls, floor tiles and even roofing cement are just some of the places it was typically used.

As seen in the video they would make fireproof suits out of it also.

Even more unsettling they would use it in the home around young children and babies.

This image shows an automobile baby bottle warmer that is lined with an asbestos pad.

At Christmas its nice to have your tree covered in fake snow right? How about fake snow made of the “magic mineral”? It looks like real snow and its fireproof!


The above images show the “snow” made of actual asbestos fibers.

Its clear to see that in these times the danger of asbestos was not fully realized, because it was so readily available and in vast quantities.

Women working in factory for remove dust from the asbestos fibers
Women working in factory to remove the dust from the asbestos fibers

Part 2: The dangers discovered

In 1924 there was the first reported case of an asbestos related death, however the industry still moved forward with the product.

World War II saw asbestos being used to build ships, built into gas masks as well as safety clothing.

Almost 30 years later, veterans of WWII started showing signs of Mesothelima.

It wasn’t until 1989 when the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) banned most products containing asbestos.

1999 saw the United Kingdom ban asbestos completely. Where as Canada was mining up until 2011. Remarkably there are only a handful of countries that have totally banned it.

Image shows the countries that have completely banned the use of asbestos

As Australia is a country where the use of asbestos is prohibited, we pride our selves on being a company that is dedicated to helping our region safe.

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All images sourced from Pintrest search “asbestos”